Import Support 

I have 11 years experience working for an import company who supplied some of the UK's largest retailers with non-food items. If you need help or support, contact me:

✔   Request & respond to quotes from factories or sourcing houses.

✔   Prepare & send quotes to clients.

✔   Follow on from clients requests, including requesting samples.

✔   Complete client line forms & upload to portals where necessary.

✔   Produce order forms & follow through with supplier.

✔   Arrange logistics or monitor FOB.

✔   Complete website info including requesting photos.

✔   Create instructions & proof read any information including artworks.

✔   Produce barcodes & apply to artworks.

✔   Produce shipping details for any outer boxes as per clients specifications.

✔   Produce delivery notes, invoices & respond to any queries in a timely manor.